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The first order of business for many consumers is to research about things or services they want to buy. It educates them about the products, service providers, suppliers and availability wherever they are located. Some of the most common places these users get the information range from their close acquaintances, or journalists- like those who write for the consumer report magazine. There is also a good number of consumers who buy products because a celebrity they trust shares their experience about using it with them through social media, TV ads, interviews, etc.

Online buyers also go through the prepping process, they read everything from news articles about specific products, check out blogs written by affiliates and also consume customer reviews on e-commerce websites. The desire for this information is to ensure that although they are miles apart with suppliers, the experience they are buying is surreal according to previous buyers. Essay writing companies are some of the few companies that fail to provide their consumers with adequate information about their suppliers.

Student consumers

One of the main reasons why students fail to check reviews about essay writing companies is because of the urgency most assignments come with. The tight deadlines make it difficult for them to seek out opinions from third parties about the potential response they’re going to get from companies they choose. By cultivating the background research process, these consumers can enhance the chances of a positive response by more than 100%.

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Why we review essay writing companies

Essay writing companies hire writers from all corners of them world. But with the massive explosion of these companies, consumers are having a rough time choosing the best of the best. Instead, we have students being treated to a circus the moment they book an essay. We review essay writing companies to give these consumers a third eye into the companies they’d like to buy papers from.

How we do it

We regularly ask out user base to share their experience buying papers from different essay writing companies. Most of the feedback covers the quality of work they got when they bought an essay, the kind of treatment they received and the amount of money they paid to get an essay. We use the information to rate and rank some of the best essay writing agencies on the Internet. Moreover, our team also supplements the use generated information the students get with a summary that completely explains the strengths and weaknesses of each paper writing company.